Nanopolymer Delivery for Gene Therapy

A nanopolymer used for drug delivery was complexed with GFP DNA and perfused on tumor cell (HeLa) cultured networks. GFP transfection, efficiencies and distribution was quantified at 24 hours post injection.

HeLa Cells Transfection with GFP Gene


SynVivo can support the growth of tumor cells and drug delivery and efficacy can be studied. The effect of in vivo morphology and fluidic conditions on transfection can be quantified so that the delivery vehicle can be optimized.

Screening for Drug Particles

Different shapes of particles were obtained and coated with anti-BSA antibody. SynVivo walls were coated with BSA. Particles were injected into SynVivo and the adhesion quantified.

SEM Images of Particle Shapes

Comparison between Linear Channels and Microvascular Networks


Linear channel assays cannot differentiate between various shapes, whereas Microvascular Networks can. As particle shape becomes a more relevant area of study for drug delivery, SynVivo can provide new insights that can help optimize drug delivery.

Targeted Drug Delivery

A confluent layer of endothelial cells were activated with cytokines. Anti-ICAM-1 coated particles were used for targeting (red dots) and IgG particles served as controls (green dots). Data was obtained at 4 and 24 hours post treatment.

Time Lapse Image of Confluent Layer of Endothelial Cells

Particle Interaction on Inflammed Endothelium

Particle Bound on Inflamed Endothelium


SynVivo can support the growth of endothelial cells (and many other cell types) to further improve the resolution and broaden the application of the assay kit. In addition, targeted drug delivery can be quantified using inflammation assays.

Drug Particle Adhesion

P-selectin, an inflammatory molecule was coated on the walls of SynVivo. Particles coated with the antibody to P-selectin were injected into SynVivo and their differential binding pattern was observed.

Particle Adhesion

Shear Rate Distribution

Shear Rate Map


SynVivo can be used to quantify particle distribution patterns through analysis of shear rate and particle adhesion.

Drug Perfusion

SynVivo were injected with trypan blue and the perfusion of the dye was observed in real-time.

Time Lapse Image of Perfusion in SynVivo


SynVivo can be used to capture real-time distribution of drugs in the microvasculature. Stagnant and recirculation zones that affect overall drug delivery and distribution can be readily identified.

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